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Why Video?

Because it fuels great teaching and takes instruction
to the next level

For years, athletes have been reviewing game tape to develop strategies and refine techniques. Video has been used in almost every sport and industry, and has been proven to be one of the best ways to accelerate performance. With the immediate, specific feedback provided by video, adjustments can be made on the spot for greater improvement over time. 

So why not in the classroom?


Watch Howard University Middle School's, Kathryn Procope, share the impact video can have on improving practice. #growthvsgotcha 



A recent SmartBrief poll showed that over 91% of teachers feel that filming their instruction would help them grow professionally.

School Leaders

85% of school leaders said that classroom video would help them provide teachers with better feedback and support.

Four big reasons filming classroom instruction works for teachers, instructional coaches and school leaders:


Creates instant replay for teacher and observer


Provides opportunity for content-specific feedback


Increases fairness & accuracy of scoring


Generates flexibility when observations happen

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Does video technology really improve the classroom observation process?

The answer is YES as recently discovered in The Best Foot Forward study that analyzed the impact of video on classroom observations.  

Here are three top findings.

Source: Harvard’s Center on Education Policy Research – The Best Foot Forward Study & Video Observation Toolkit, October 2015