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Using Video for Instructional Coaching to Evaluation

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Leadership at MSD Decatur Township gave teachers ownership over the instructional coaching and evaluation processes by utilizing video and ADVANCEfeedback.

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Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Assistant Superintendent of MSD of Decatur Township in Indiana

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Obstacle: Coaching and Evaluating Remotely During the Pandemic

When our district pivoted to remote teaching in March of 2020, just like other districts across the country, we were worried about how we would carry on with our instructional coaching program and teacher evaluations. At MSD Decatur Township, consistent and effective teacher development is a priority for us, so halting our programs, even during a global pandemic, was not an option.  

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Solution: Submitting Classroom Videos of Choice For Evaluation

When we started using ADVANCEfeedback five years ago, there was a bit of hesitation when it came to the video. You’re asking teachers to put themselves in a vulnerable position by recording their practice. 

We started out slowly with video coaching and began learning the ins and outs of the program by asking teachers to submit 10-minute clips of themselves teaching, along with a bit of self-reflection about the clip. Before we knew it, some of our teachers, and even entire schools, really dove in and started recording and sharing a lot of videos. Soon we were really seeing the value in helping teachers improve their practice through video by way of ADVANCEfeedback.

"ADVANCEfeedback kept us connected when our world felt so disconnected."

When the pandemic struck, utilizing ADVANCEfeedback for teacher evaluations was an obvious short- and long-term solution for us. We met with the teachers union and told them we had this platform that had been delivering great value for us and would allow us to maintain some sense of normalcy at a time when it felt like everything was so chaotic.

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Impact: Video Empowers Teachers to Take Ownership of the Evaluation Process

Our teachers’ union has been very supportive of our use of video for instructional coaching from the beginning. This helped contribute to having their buy-in when we decided to pivot to virtual evaluations. Allowing our teachers to select the videos they are being evaluated on provides them with ownership over what normally can be a very stressful process. In fact, conducting virtual evaluations has been the preference for our teachers, so even now that we are back in the classroom, we are continuing to do our evaluations virtually. 

*Watch this webinar recording to see Dr. Stephanie Hofer talk about her district’s five-year journey with video.

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