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Observer Calibration for University Supervisors

Ensure observers are giving the feedback that teachers need—and trust.

The value of feedback that student teachers receive is largely dependent upon the validity and consistency of scoring.

ADVANCEcalibrate® creates norming experiences for university supervisors and other observers using a library of classroom videos that have been master-coded against a specified instructional framework or rubric.

Calibration for observers & coaches - ADVANCEcalibrate

"This year we used ADVANCEfeedback® to provide authentic reflection and discussion to our teacher candidates. The platform supports annotated feedback on classroom videos.

Feedback from students was favorable. Some reported “ah-ha” moments while watching and commenting on personal lessons and lessons taught by peers. Others said that seeing everything happening in class enabled them to identify are as where they needed to change their teaching practice.

We plan to expand use of the platform next year."

- Rebekah Ralph, instructor of educational technology and edTPA coordinator for the Department of Education at LaGrange College in Georgia