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Our Team

Shawn V. Branch, Specialist
Insight Education Group

Shawn Branch is a specialist for Insight Education Group. He provides executive assistant services to Insight's CEO.

Prior to this role, he served as Insight's director of operations. Shawn has also served as the executive assistant to the CEO/Founder of Studentsfirst. In that role, he was responsible for managing day-to-day operations for the CEO, developing systems to maintain office communication, corresponding with internal and external clients, and building morale.

Shawn began his career in education in 2007 as the executive assistant to the chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools. He not only oversaw the chancellor’s daily operations, but served as part of the focus group to improve central office effectiveness and culture, as well.

In addition, Shawn served as a retail manager for over twenty years. In that time, he was repeatedly recognized for turning around underperforming locations by optimizing efficiency and improving customer service.

He believes that every organization needs a strong leader who is passionate about his or her job and understands the needs of the staff.  Shawn’s personal philosophy is that people work for people, not for companies.

Shawn earned a bachelor's degree in management with a minor in human resources management from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, he went back to school to study human relations and organizational behavior.