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Our Team

John Woo, Educational Partnerships Specialist

John is an Educational Partnerships Specialist for Insight ADVANCE.

John has spent the past 13 years establishing himself in the world of business development and entrepreneurship. He found his passion for education working with an edtech start-up based in Richmond, VA. In this role, he had the opportunity to consult and learn from educational leaders around the country--and focused on learning about the current educational landscape, instructional frameworks, and the challenges educational leaders face each day. Aspiring to make a positive social impact, education has been his mission ever since.

John believes ongoing, consistent feedback and coaching is the most impactful way to see authentic growth in educators. He has spent years studying and analyzing research in the areas of instructional coaching, education technology, and networking with educational leaders to learn first-hand the challenges many schools and districts face. Much of his studies included leveraging technology and coaching to overcome the growing number of challenges with traditional professional development and helping educational leaders establish a culture centered around coaching and collaboration, eventually leading him to InsightADVANCE.

Throughout his career, John's roles have included educational consulting, training, business development, product development, education technology, sales, sales leadership, customer acquisition, coaching, marketing, strategic partnerships, and lead generation. 


John relies on his experiences working with educational leaders to help others determine the best way to achieve their goals for student achievement, educator development, and teacher retention by using technology to overcome and transform the norm of what PD looks like in the present day.