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Our Team

Christine Sandvik, Head of Product

Christine is head of product for Insight ADVANCE.

She has spent 20 years delivering digital learning systems, online curriculum, and eLearning products. She believes that a purposeful focus on quality instruction and ease of use is key to delivering high-quality products.

An experienced product manager and developer, Christine has built products for companies large and small--including Imagine Learning, Scholastic, Inspiration Software and Riverdeep. Over the last 8 years she has been head of a consulting business that helps companies develop ed tech product strategies to support educators and students. 

She began her career producing educational video programs and understands the importance of using video to enhance the communication process. Christine's first project with Insight ADVANCE was leading the development of ADVANCElive, a new synchronous video tool, allowing users to schedule, launch, record, and archive live coaching events.

Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University, Ithaca NY and a Master’s in Education with a concentration in media and technology from Boston University, Boston MA.