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ADVANCEfeedback® - Provide Instructional Coaching for Teachers

Support teacher growth—with instructional coaching, teacher observation and peer feedback for teachers.

With ADVANCEfeedback®, teachers, coaches and school leaders can connect on a deeper level using video and data as a common piece of evidence. Now featuring both asynchronous and synchronous video with ADVANCElive, districts and schools can increase the frequency of teacher observation and instructional coaching, save time and money, and drive teacher growth all in one platform.

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NEW: Our Equity Walkthrough Tool, is now available within ADVANCEfeedback. It is designed to collect classroom data, aid coaching, and support your equity initiatives. Learn more

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For video-based observations, teachers capture video using our mobile app or any device, in any video format.

They can also upload goals, notes, artifacts, lesson plans and reflective commentary.



For video-based classroom observations, observers embed feedback in key moments in lesson.

For live observations, observers capture their notes in "Live Action Notes."



Use ADVANCElive to conduct secure 1-to-1 or group trainings and meetings with PLCs and cohorts.



Observers easily create a detailed report based on feedback collected and share reports with teachers.

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"Our teachers are excited about using ADVANCEfeedback and video, because more than anything, it removes the 'gotcha' piece of teacher evaluation. Video shows us clearly what is and isn't working. The product helps to create a rubric-based, growth-focused dialogue between the teacher and administrator." 

Kathryn Procope, Principal in Washington, DC