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Fueling Great Teaching: Using Video to Provide Feedback That Matters

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District Administration Leadership Institute ConferenceInsight ADVANCE was  featured in District Administration  Leadership institute where Dr. Michael Moody and  Dr. Richard Nyankori  presented, "Fuel Great Teaching: Using Video to Provide Feedback that Matters".  


"Every year, millions of dollars - and even more hours - are spent on observations and evaluations in schools. Unfortunately, neither teachers nor school leaders seem to think it's working the way it should.

At the District Administration Leadership Institute (DALI) conference, Michael Moody and Richard Nyankori shared these two alarming statistics from a recent poll conducted with SmartBrief Education:

  • When school leaders were asked if they believe their current evaluation systems promote teacher growth, 62% said no.
  • Nearly 70% of teachers said that they do not get enough meaningful feedback from observations and evaluations."

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