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Does video feedback improve teaching?

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edvocate_Does_video_feedback_improve_teaching.jpgInsightADVANCE was featured in The Edvocate  article "Does video feedback improve teaching?

"Some teachers aren’t fond of having their classroom interactions filmed and dissected. It may be viewed as intrusive and a way to unfairly criticize an educator’s methods.

But one company is out to improve that process and has statistics to back it up.

InsightADVANCE recently announced the formation of a new product called ADVANCEfeedback. It was created after InsightADVANCE conducted years of research in varied schools and districts across the country.

For the purpose of professional growth and improvement of classroom instruction, ADVANCEfeedback aids educators in their quest for efficiency and better ways to advance participation within the classroom."


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