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Teaching Channel Talks 54, 55, & 56: Dr. Michael Moody

 |   |  Professional Development, Feedback, Teacher Growth



Dr. Michael Moody on Being Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Top Education Leaders


-- UPDATED ON July 14th, 2022 --


"Every student deserves great teachers."

In the last episode of our 3-part series with special guest, Dr. Michael Moody, we're taking a look at the two organizations he founded: Insight Education Group and Insight ADVANCE. From individual video coaching for teachers to helping school leaders strengthen their decision-making processes, Dr. Moody shares how Insight's focus on listening and supporting educators is making an impact.



Dr. Michael Moody on the Coexisting Contradictions in Education

In the second episode of our special 3-part series, Dr. Michael Moody and our host, Dr. Wendy Amato, are tackling some of the paradoxes existing in education today. From people to programs to what we promote as educators, join us in reflecting on the state of education and how teaching has changed in recent years.



Dr. Michael Moody on the Importance of Having Educators Support Educators

Join us for the first episode in a special three-part series with Dr. Michael Moody as he shares his background as an authentic educator, examines the contradictions happening in education today, and discusses how video can transform the way we support teachers.



This podcast was originally published on Teaching Channel's blog.


MoodyPFPDr. Michael Moody is the CEO and co-founder of Insight Education Group and Insight ADVANCE, organizations founded on the premise that high-quality educators are the key to student success. Dr. Moody has served as a middle school teacher, elementary teacher, instructional coach, school leader, district administrator, and consultant.  Always challenging the status quo, he works with education organizations on the design and implementation of educator support models that actually work. You can read blog posts written by Dr. Michael Moody here.  


Wendy_Amato-2Podcast host, Dr. Wendy Amato earned her Master’s in Education and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. She holds an MBA from James Madison University. Wendy began teaching in 1991, has served as a Middle School Administrator, and still teaches at UVA’s School of Education. She has delivered teacher professional development workshops and student leadership workshops in the US and internationally. Wendy and her family live near Charlottesville, Virginia.


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