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NELW 2022 Panel: Develop a Growth Mindset

 |   |  Instructional Coaching, Professional Learning, Growth Mindset

NELW-Growth Mindset

Last October, our partners at Insight Education Group brought together hundreds of educators from across the country to network, share, and learn—with the goal of working together to improve outcomes for all students.

During the annual conference I hosted a panel discussion with our friends from MSD of Decatur Township (IN) and discussed their five-year district journey of using video-based professional learning and instructional coaching. 

The second of five use cases we discussed was developing a growth mindset and how video can help.

A growth mindset is the belief you can improve your practice through effort, hard work, and continual practice. It reflects that "lifelong learner" mentality, a stance we not only practice at Insight ADVANCE, but encourage our district partners to follow as well.  


Watch the developing a growth mindset portion of the panel below.

HubSpot Video

(Educators featured: Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Stephanie Hofer, Project Coaches,  Hannah Karl and Erica Sanders)


Within the growth mindset portion these key points are discussed:

  • How video supports a growth mindset 
  • Why a growth mindset applies to everyone--from teachers to superintendents (at Decatur EVERYONE gets coached) 
  • How to apply a growth mindset in ILTs and PLCs through video
  • Creating district-wide alignment 
  • Shaping your district culture by supporting a growth mindset 

In the clip above you may notice that Stephanie, Hannah, and Erica emphasize how video opens up the doors to frequent and on-going coaching in order to really fine tune teacher practice. They share how utilizing video provides the flexibility needed to get the work done in such a structured school environment, which supports the growth mindset mentality and shapes a positive district culture. We were thrilled to learn how practicing a growth mindset truly resonated with those at NELW, and we would love to hear your thoughts as well in the comment section below.


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Don Rescigno

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Don Rescigno

Don Rescigno is CEO of Insight ADVANCE. In this role, he leads a team responsible for delivering teachers and administrators cutting-edge solutions, like ADVANCEfeedback®, that use the latest in audio and video technology to provide meaningful feedback and support to teachers through video-based observations, coaching and evaluations.

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