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Making the Case for a Coaching Model With Impact

 |   |  Instructional Coaching, Professional Development, Video in the Classroom

We're excited to give you another glimpse into our coaching e-book: How To Create A Coaching Program That Works. Former superintendent, Dr. Pamela Moran, and instructional coach, Becky Ellis, share their experience and wisdom while providing thought-provoking insights and research on how to create a coaching program that increases student achievement, decreases teacher turnover and improves teacher practice. Below you will get a sneak peek of the second section of our six-part guide. 



How might coaching add a value proposition to support the district's vision and expectations for student learning?

SRI’s recent analysis of the New Teacher Center coaching model shows that coaching may not address every desired outcome without laser-like focus on alignment. A district must plan by designing for intended impact. Before a school district decides to adopt a coaching model, we cannot overemphasize the value of the following key questions in designing and implementing a coaching model that’s more likely to achieve intended results.


Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.02.05 AM

These core questions suggest one more that’s essential to successful use of coaching, and may demand that staff assess the current state of strategic work linked to coaching:

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.04.22 AM


In addition, when designing an impactful instructional coaching model, Pam and Becky share experiences and research that suggest that some things matter much more than others. Within the third section of our e-book you will also learn three key points that should be considered before diving in.


Interested to learn more? Download our FREE e-book below for quick tips, helpful guides and more.

Download: How to Create a  Coaching Program That Works
Download: How to Create a  Coaching Program That Works
Don Rescigno

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Don Rescigno

Don Rescigno is CEO of Insight ADVANCE. In this role, he leads a team responsible for delivering teachers and administrators cutting-edge solutions, like ADVANCEfeedback®, that use the latest in audio and video technology to provide meaningful feedback and support to teachers through video-based observations, coaching and evaluations.

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