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Introducing ADVANCElive

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We're excited to announce ADVANCElive is now available within ADVANCEfeedback, our video-based coaching software that is designed to improve educators’ professional growth through self-reflection, peer feedback and instructional coaching.

With our latest update, we now offer robust live video features and functionality that empowers instructional coaches to provide feedback or host group meetings in real time. With asynchronous and synchronous video, districts and schools can increase the frequency of coaching, save time and money, and drive teacher growth all in one platform.

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ADVANCElive allows users to schedule, launch, record, and archive live coaching events. The new feature is designed for several use cases: post-observation one-on-one coaching for teachers, specialized professional development or instructional coaching for small groups, and conducting meetings and trainings for professional learning communities.


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A one-stop online solution for instructional coaching and professional learning, ADVANCEfeedback now allows observers to provide framework-aligned feedback and coaching using recorded video or while sitting in a classroom and performing a live observation. Coaches and administrators now have the ability to offer live feedback and coaching to an individual or a group, with the option to tie it to an existing observation.


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This latest update will help schools train and retain teachers—plus improve teacher practice—through more frequent feedback and coaching without increased costs. Other benefits of the Insight ADVANCE suite of products include:

  • Increased self-reflection and peer collaboration among educators;
  • More effective coaches;
  • The ability to track teacher growth data;
  • Real-time differentiated support for teachers so they know who to focus on and what they need; and
  • Improved student achievement.



“The ability to provide additional opportunities for coaching and professional learning using ADVANCElive in the same platform will be a game-changer for our rural district, as well as other districts in our networked improvement community."  

-Dr. Kandace Bethea, superintendent of Marion County Public Schools in South Carolina




Interested to learn more on how you can best support your educators with ADVANCElive?

Take a quick test drive!
Take a quick test drive!
Don Rescigno

About the Author
Don Rescigno

Don Rescigno is CEO of Insight ADVANCE. In this role, he leads a team responsible for delivering teachers and administrators cutting-edge solutions, like ADVANCEfeedback®, that use the latest in audio and video technology to provide meaningful feedback and support to teachers through video-based observations, coaching and evaluations.

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