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Essential Ingredients for Instructional Coaching

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We're excited to give you a glimpse into our latest e-book: How to Create a Coaching Program That Works. Former superintendent, Dr. Pamela Moran, and instructional coach, Becky Ellis, share their experience and wisdom while providing thought-provoking insights and research on how to create a coaching program that increases student achievement, decreases teacher turnover and improves teacher practice. Below you will get a sneak peek of the first section of our six-part guide. 



Districts grow successful teachers not by chance, but through the conscious actions of school leaders.

Such purposeful attention increases transfer of effective practices and engages teachers in improving competencies essential to student achievement. Coaching is one way districts address their challenges. However, not all coaching models equally impact basic district goals to change and improve practice, retain teachers, and increase student achievement.

Download: How to Create a  Coaching Program That Works

So what coaching elements must be present to critically impact teacher practice and student achievement? Designing for district-wide change begins with defining the intended result: the desired state of learning for students - and adults. Jennie Magiera, instructional coach and author of EdVentures, identifies four essential ingredients of a transformational coaching model amplifying the role of coaches as key leaders of systemic change in a school or district. Coaches can support and lead for change when their model:

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This may sound easy, but incorporating these essential elements into a coaching program plan that works within your district’s unique context can present a significant design challenge. Make sure you explore a variety of models in choosing the option that best fits your district’s needs.


Interested to learn more on how to plan the right instructional coaching program for your district or school? Download our FREE e-book below for quick tips, helpful guides and more.

Download: How to Create a  Coaching Program That Works
Download: How to Create a  Coaching Program That Works
Don Rescigno

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Don Rescigno

Don Rescigno is CEO of Insight ADVANCE. In this role, he leads a team responsible for delivering teachers and administrators cutting-edge solutions, like ADVANCEfeedback®, that use the latest in audio and video technology to provide meaningful feedback and support to teachers through video-based observations, coaching and evaluations.

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