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As career educators, we're passionate about changing the status quo when it comes to supporting educator growth.

We know from research and our work with schools, districts and states nationwide since 2000 that educator effectiveness systems aren't necessarily making educators any more effective. The missing piece? Growth. 

Unfortunately, observations and evaluations have been acts of compliance rather than processes to improve performance. Educators have become more disillusioned and aren't getting the feedback they trust or need to grow practice.

We're out to change that.

Insight ADVANCE has developed a suite of products that connects self-reflection, instructional coaching and peer collaboration, observation, and evaluation in one place to permanently impact how all educators involved in teacher growth are supported. The ADVANCE Suite breaks new ground in proving how educator observations, whether on video or in person, can generate data that effectively and efficiently drives professional growth.


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As former teachers, coaches, school leaders and district administrators, we've been there—and we're ready to support you in your teacher growth initiatives.

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"Our teachers are excited about using ADVANCEfeedback and video, because more than anything, it removes the 'gotcha' piece of teacher evaluation. Video shows us clearly what is and isn't working. The product helps to create a rubric-based, growth-focused dialogue between the teacher and administrator."

Kathryn Procope, Principal in Washington, DC

The Insight ADVANCE Suite

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