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Thank you, teachers: A few tweets from your former students at Insight ADVANCE

 |   |  Teacher Appreciation

Thank you, teachers. #ThankATeacher

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation week, the Insight ADVANCE team would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude through a few tweets to those special teachers who have made a particular impact on our lives.

Twitter-iconGrateful for @MegWing7 and her relentless spirit and all-in mentality for students in East Nashville - @nicksmrdel #ThankATeacher 

Twitter-iconMr. Brannan, thanks for being the best Grade 5 teacher! Keep inspiring kids with classical music! @worthster285 #ThankATeacher 

Twitter-iconThanks to Mr. Jim Wubben, @BCSpanthers, for teaching me perseverance is an essential skill for learning and life!  - @edunancy #ThankATeacher 

Twitter-iconThank you Linda Ayerza for your commitment and encouragement . - @drmicharlmoody #ThankATeacher 

Twitter-iconI became a teacher because of Mary Brannock. Thank you! - @drmicharlmoody #ThankATeacher 

Twitter-iconThx to late Brother Michael McCabe of @IgnatiusChicago for showing the philosophy in all things--religion, business & more. - @drescigno  #ThankATeacher 



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