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High-quality observations + meaningful feedback improve practice.

And video can help make that happen.

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Bringing together the latest in research and best practice with expertly engineered technology, we're on a mission to make it possible for educators to give and receive the specific, actionable and timely feedback they need - and want – through the power of video. 

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Four big reasons filming classroom instruction works for teachers, instructional coaches and school leaders:


Creates instant replay for teachers and observers


Provides opportunity for content-specific feedback


Increases fairness & accuracy of scoring


Generates flexibility when observations happen

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"Digital video can improve classroom observations, by providing more detailed, objective feedback to teachers."

Result from Harvard's Best Foot Forward Project, First Year Implementation Report

"I just wanted to share with you how impressed I am with ADVANCEfeedback®. My first round of informal in-person observations have been wonderful and the tool is both user friendly and offering everything an observer would need to generate a great report."

Vanessa Belair, Principal, Delta Elementary Charter School, California

We’ve built the technology so you can focus on what matters most – teachers' growth. Ready to learn more?

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