Redefining how feedback, coaching and evaluation data drive educator growth.

Observe by video or in-person · Calibrate your observers · Provide e-learning experiences · Do it all in one platform #growthvsgotcha

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Harvard University's Center for Education Policy Research's Best Foot Forward Video Observation Toolkit

Award of Excellence 2015 - Tech & Learning
Award of Excellence 2016 - Tech & Learning

Insight ADVANCE's Suite of Award-winning, Integrated Solutions

Create a Culture of Growth vs Gotcha

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Observe, coach, calibrate and learn in a single, configurable platform.


Capture instruction by video or in-person and share detailed, meaningful feedback.


Create responsive calibration and training experiences for on-demand learning.


Receive full implementation support from the Insight ADVANCE team.

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"Our teachers are excited about using ADVANCEfeedback and video, because more than anything, it removes the 'gotcha' piece of teacher evaluation. Video shows us clearly what is and isn't working. The product helps to create a rubric-based, growth-focused dialogue between the teacher and administrator." 

Kathryn Procope, Principal in Washington DC


"We were looking for a way to ensure our administrators, evaluators, credentialed observers, and other evaluators were calibrated to our state-wide teacher evaluation system. Through the Insight ADVANCE Suite, our observers now have access to consistent, high-quality and interactive professional learning modules on the components of our evaluation rubric."

Laura Schneider - Director, Educator Effectiveness, Delaware Department of Education

"I just wanted to share with you how impressed I am with ADVANCEfeedback®. My first round of informal in-person observations have been wonderful and the tool is both user friendly and offering everything an observer would need to generate a great report."

Vanessa Belair, Principal
Delta Elementary Charter School, California

"This year we used ADVANCEfeedback® to provide authentic reflection and discussion to our teacher candidates. The platform supports annotated feedback on classroom videos. Feedback from teacher candidates was favorable. Some reported “ah-ha” moments while watching and commenting on personal lessons and lessons taught by peers. Others said that seeing everything happening in class enabled them to identify areas where they needed to change their teaching practice. We plan to expand use of the platform next year."



Rebekah Ralph, Instructor of Edtech and edTPA Coordinator, Department of Education at LaGrange College in Georgia

Growing teacher practice is hard. As former teachers, coaches, and district administrators, we've been there.

This is why we've made it our mission to give you the tools you need to support the entire feedback loop for ALL educators—including for self-reflection, observation, coaching, evaluation, calibration and training.

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